The emerging precision agriculture gained impetus as it allows cutting down the price cost of agricultural produce.
In 2014 Company “AMG KERNEL” LLC invested in precision agriculture technologies provided by Trimble, including such methods as: GPS track parallel guidance system, localised (differentiated) introduction of fertilisers and crop protection means, localised planting of propagating material, monitoring the sowing unit and the harvesting. The GPS track parallel guidance system enabled the Company to enhance the work efficiency of agricultural machines, which saved up to 10%-15% of planting material, fertilisers, chemicals and fuels due to the reduction of omissions and overlapping in the process of sowing and sprinkling.
    In 2015 the Company continued the development in this direction, having invested in the use of RTK station, which guarantees the precision of signals ±2,5 cm required for the introduction and use of Strip Till technologies.