Company “AMG-KERNEL” LLC – the Leader on the Moldovan market in cultivating and selling high quality grafted seedlings of the best walnut varieties tailored to local conditions – was founded in 1999 and since then pursues the goal of continuous development. The word "Kernel" was “borrowed” from some Greek Businessmen.

“AMG-KERNEL” LLC is a multi-profile enterprise employing 185 people. The Company currently works in such national economy branches as Agriculture, Processing Agricultural Produce (wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soya, etc.), Nursery Engineering, Horticulture, and Cargo Transportation Services.

The Company cultivates 5 thousand hectares of own land to grow agricultural crops.

One of the Company’s fields of activity is growing and processing walnuts. Orchard planting works are currently in progress on the area covering 2,000 hectares. So far, walnuts have been planted on 800 hectares, of which 75% are already bearing. The Company is focused on cultivating organic products. The nursery produces two-year walnut seedlings based on the best locally tailored varieties. The range covers six walnut varieties originating from the best domestic varieties derived from seed populations, which was subject to research for more than 40 years in diverse experimental orchards.

Nowadays we would like to draw your attention not just to the large-scale of our production, but also on the new qualitative development of the Company. Once we reach the borderline set up yesterday, we are eager to trace new objectives and goals.

Continuous Development – this is the main Company argument.