The nursery specialised in growing seedlings was founded in 2003 on an irrigated land plot located on a terrace near Nistru River. The annual capacity of the nursery is 250 – 300 thousand of grafted walnut seedlings and 100 – 120 thousand of grafted apple seedlings.

The Company has its mother-plantation of seed trees and mother-plantation of graft scions covering a 50-hectare area as well as a school of seed trees and school of seedlings, having applied relevant crop rotation. Also, a modern workshop was established for grafting and premises for temporary storage of stocks, scions and grafted seedlings.

One-year old seed walnuts are used as stocks.

The nursery reproduces the best walnut varieties: Kogîlniceanu, Cazacu, Călăraşi, Costiujeni, Corjeuţi, Schinoasa and Chişinău.