In her interview Leah explained that while plenty of questions remained, Christianity explained the things she was sure of better than her atheism could. How could I face my fellow coworkers and family with such an incoherent story? All of this “faith in the unseen” business that Christians believed in seemed like a joke to the man of science. Do not be terrified; do not be…, January 1, 2021Make This the Year to Smile Without FearKATY MCCOWN Lee en español“Strength and dignity are her clothing, And…. But then a patient queried him about his own faith. All of this “faith in the unseen” business that Christians believed in seemed like a joke to the … "Wow", he thinks, "there really IS a God. Everyone familiar with Gunther knew him as a self-described “no-nonsense, anti-religious atheist.”. I hope anyone even “Thus says the Lord: ‘Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches, but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. She couldn’t shake the belief that some things are really right and wrong, not just a product of her feelings and cultural preferences. As any parent knows, the birth of a child is a life-changing event. ", RELATED: A drug addict’s experience with hell and his Jesus testimony. But at the age of 85, he turned to God and converted to Christianity. I now see that what people like Gerard Manley Hopkins (hands down my favourite poet) gave me before I was a Christian was a little glimpse of the world that showed me that it made sense in some way that I hadn’t experienced before. “I guess he was right after all," Gunther admitted with a grin. And for most of his life, he was a die-hard atheist. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! It has power beyond … I became a Christian on July 7, 2015, after a very pleasant adult life of firm atheism. Jennifer remained a happy atheist as an adult and into the early years of her marriage. They were getting ready to run one of the most powerful tests ever to be done on the Large Hadron Collider — the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider. Jesus Marked Me for Life. This gives you an idea of what the beam of light is. In his little-known short essay Meditation in a Toolshed, he wrote about the difference between understanding something through  observation and experience. University lecturer Holly Ordway also developed a love of literature and poetry as a child, devouring Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. But God Knew The Perfect Way To Get To Him! But to the shock of all who know him, Gunther’s opinion recently changed dramatically after a divine intervention! “So HIS house will be full.”. Did I really see what I had seen or was it a mere illusion?”. Lewis writes: “You get one experience of a thing when you look along it and another when you look at it. On a scientific level, she would have known well enough that as she looked at her baby, a whole bunch of neurons firing on overdrive in her brain would be producing a set of chemical reactions and hormones, and that those would be contributing to the emotional urge to protect and care for her newborn son with every ounce of her being. Secret Santa Helps Atheist Heroin Addict Find God, Little Boy Survives After His Dad Tried To Kill Him, California – Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Yet I was still trying to debate, prove my atheism was rational. Things like quantitative data, research studies, cold hard fact — these were the things that made sense. Why would But as they started their experiment, the 57-year-old started to feel uneasy, and then passed out. This publication first appeared on Premier Christianity, List Of Notable Converts From Hinduism To Christianity, List And Profile Of Famous Atheists Who Converted To Christianity. This was the experience of CS Lewis too. When Leah came on the show I set her up in conversation with Hemant Mehta, a fellow blogger from the same atheist network she had once been part of. For this encounter Mehta was not  so much ‘friendly’ as ‘flummoxed’. Few atheists know the Bible as intimately as Dan Barker. His blog is called ‘The Friendly Atheist’ and he was one of the first to post a critical response to the mathematician’s conversion. Atheist turned Believer? Unable to make sense of it all, this man of science finally turned to a man of God for help. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. to discuss her conversion to Christianity. We are very close to the rapture and these type of testimony’s help strengthen HIS true word. Difficult to read, or share. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He told his story to a local preacher who told him that he had been visited by angels. Gunther Scheizle is a brilliant mind. Making A Believer Out Of An Atheist. I am one who has adopted a reasonable faith, and many others have. Pictured: Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN Credit: World News Daily Report, The German genius works for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and is also a professor of Physics at a Swiss Institute. As a nuclear physicist and professor of Physics, he kind of had to be. One night I was talking to my friend again, and she knew I had all the information I needed. ATLANTA – Lee Strobel was an atheist -- and sworn enemy of religion -- when his wife became a Christian. A much overlooked The experience shook him to the core. Pastor Paul Enenche (Dunamis) 2021 Prophecy, 2021 Theme (Year Of) Of All Churches In Nigeria. Former pastor Ryan Bell converted to atheism. All my preconceived notions of reality were permanently destroyed. verse but verse by verse can be confirmed and checked off as we close in on Daniel 11:31, the abomination of desolation. Just as she recognised the reality of a mathematical realm that existed independently of us humans, so she had to admit the reality of a moral realm of good and evil. . Things like quantitative data, research studies, cold hard fact — these were the things that made sense. Her faith put him on a two-year investigation to prove that her faith was a work of fiction. As Holly progressed into higher education, her unbelief solidified into atheism, but when she began a career teaching literature and poetry she suddenly found herself undone by the power of what she was reading, especially within the Christian tradition. Be strong and courageous. What if those moments of transcendence that interrupt our lives are actually pointing us to God? Priorities, … Lewis as he struggled to make his atheism fit with his experience of ‘joy’ when he encountered poetry, literature, music and beauty that seemed to belong to another world, a process he describes in Surprised by Joy. One mistake I made when before I became a Christian was that I trusted in myself and not in the universe or the spirit of creation - this led to pride, ego, anorexia, extreme arrogance, anxiety disorders, health obstacles, daily humiliations, depression, psychological injuries, self-hatred, phobias and fears But something called ‘the moral argument’ had niggled away at Leah for years. Lewis. But he was also having a “come to Jesus” meeting. Up until that year Leah had been a blogger of some repute on the atheist channel of the Patheos network, writing on mathematics and scepticism and interacting in a friendly way with many Christians. . On our Christian faith-walk, most of us have or will encounter a theists, or non-believers.Most atheists base their beliefs on science, logic and reason. 1. A Pearl Diver Rejected Jesus Because It Made No Sense. .literally! Raised on a diet of “science, reason and evidence-based rational thought”, her bedtime reading was Carl Sagan’s astronomy book Cosmos. If (as many atheists claim) the world really boils down to a complex set of chemical and physical processes then love, beauty, meaning and even truth itself are merely illusions of a mechanical mind: “If minds are wholly dependent on brains, and brains on biochemistry, and biochemistry (in the long run) on the meaningless flux of the atoms, I cannot understand how the thought of those minds should have any more significance than the sound of the wind in the trees.”, Jesus Appears As Bus Driver To Muslim Pilgrim In Mecca. “After 28 years as a believer, the Moral Law stands out for me as the strongest signpost of God,” he writes in his book. And while he still doesn’t fully understand what exactly happened to him, he does finally understand something that always eluded him before…faith! Like Mehta, Lewis objected to God on the basis of the evil he saw in the world, but his conversion mirrored that of Leah’s as he realised that his objection only made sense if a moral realm existed: “My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. A former atheist's testimony of his journey to Christian belief via the writings of C.S. When Oxford academic CS Lewis wrote about his adult conversion from atheism to Christianity in Surprised by Joy (HarperCollins) in 1955 it became an apologetics classic, one still read by Christians and seekers to this day. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord.’" Jeremiah 9:23-24, if (typeof(allpass_containerRequests) !== 'undefined') { allpass_containerRequests.push([jQuery('#allpass_container10'), 'Narrow', null, null]); }, Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus – January 1, Courage for the Days Ahead – Senior Living – January 1, Make This the Year to Smile Without Fear – Encouragement for Today – January 1, 2021, Mom Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Delivers Rare Set Of Twins. with a slight interest will look at daniel11truth and see the proof the LORD offers. ‘I Threw Transgender Away To Follow Jesus’ – Ex-Trans Woman. The British author and journalist writes that in his 30s he "lost any religious belief … Lifelong, Famous Atheist Bill Hayden Receives Jesus At 85. What was I comparing the universe with when I called it unjust?”, Top 15 Famous Muslims Who Converted to Christianity. Jennifer says that she never remembers a time when she believed in God. the LORD be so generous in these final days? My Testimony: An Atheist to a Believer shawnlong823 2/16/2008 Salvation 27 Comments This testimony is about how my life changed “instantly” one night in a hotel room as I hovered the edge of death while my whole life flashed in front of me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As a nuclear physicist and professor of Physics, he kind of had to be. Claude McKay – bisexual Jamaican poet who went from Communist-leaning atheist to an active Catholic Christian after a stroke Vittorio Messori – Italian journalist and writer called the "most translated Catholic writer in the world" by Sandro Magister; before his conversion in 1964 he had a "perspective as a secularist and agnostic" This is J. Brett Prince's #Jesus testimony. Early in his career, he argued that no conceivable events could constitute proof against God for believers, so skeptics were right to wonder whether the concept of God meant anything at all. Flew has published over thirty books, including God and Philosophy, The Presumption of Atheism, and How to Think Straight. But that physical description alone couldn’t explain the actual experience of fully fledged love. From a young age she knew that the world ran according to a well-established set of natural laws, and science was the de facto way of understanding everything. Muslims Turning To Christ In Great Numbers Through Dreams And Visions, However, shortly after the birth of her first child, she experienced a dramatic shift in her thinking. Which is the ‘true’ or ‘valid’ experience? I Marked People for Death. And I looked down at him and I thought: ‘That’s not true. Above all, he simply couldn’t comprehend what it was about the moral argument that had possessed her to become a Christian, especially in a world in which her God allowed such evil and suffering to exist. If I hadn’t become convinced that the resurrection was an event in history, I would have stayed a theist. The literal definition of “atheist” is “a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any … “The following weeks were extremely hard on me, not as much as physically, but extremely mentally challenging. She knew that I had run out of questions to ask. Gunther also knew his story was meant to be shared. Eben Alexander - neurosurgeon, author, teaching physician. We thank him for his transparency and courage as he publicly shares his life and experience. Mehta may be as confused by Lewis’ conversion story as Leah’s, but the young mathematician’s story is evidence that some roads to Christ involve profoundly intellectual journeys and that the moral argument continues to be a powerful reason for sceptics to embrace God. Her growing belief that morality is a fixed and objective reality only made sense if there was a God. Almost overnight, it changed me from an atheistic scientist into an open-minded, curious believer and spiritual seeker. For some people, however, the change runs even deeper than that. 7:00AM EST 1/2/2015 Jennifer LeClaire. But such beliefs about right and wrong made no sense in her atheistic worldview where morality, if it existed, was purely subjective – something that humans had evolved for social advantage. Brought up in a secular home in the USA, she was oblivious to the Christian allegories in both. All I remember after that is waking up in the ambulance in excruciating pain. She embarked on a quest to see if religion made sense and started to look into spiritualism, Buddhism, Hinduism and mysticism. Bell, no relation to universalist Rob Bell, kept a blog to chronicle his yearlong journey without God and even had a documentary crew on hand to film what turned out to be his … Oddly, Flew seems to have turned into an American as well as a believer. His intellectual autobiography is written in the language of an Englishman of … The story you’re about to read is of three powerful women whose intellectual journey led to their conversion from atheism to Christianity. Few, after all, can profess to have begun their careers as fundamentalist Christian preachers. It happened on the day that Gunther and his brainy colleagues were living a scientist’s ultimate dream. Too many ads! Jennifer’s change of mind began when something clicked in her head. For Lewis and Fulwiler alike, only the existence of God could make sense of our deep-seated belief in love. “I once threw a heavy physics book at one of my students just because he even mentioned the possibility of Intelligent Design in the universe,” Gunther explains. Priorities, lifestyle and sleep patterns are all quickly rearranged to accommodate the now-most-important thing that has come into one’s life. The moral truth that abusing children is wrong is true in the same way that two plus two equals four. Christianity offered an explanation for it that was compelling.”, A Group Of Lions Save Christians From Execution By Islamic Militants. It was a phenomenon that CS Lewis also recognised.